Help the pigs
Happy Harley's Day, Valentine


Judy took Harley away from the building, out ten doors that locked him in. He was laid gently in the back of a pickup truck on a bed of sweet smelling hay. The night was long, but he slept most of the way, dreaming of a big bowl of milk to quench his thirst. Harley promised his cat friends that every time he enjoyed a bowl of milk he would think of them.

The next morning Harley awoke to the sounds of squealing, barking, oinking, meowing, howling, grunting and neighing. It was breakfast and what a feast it was! Apples, pears, popcorn, oatmeal, cantaloupe and carrots for everyone. There were 40 pot-bellied pigs, 5 llamas, 2 cats, 3 horses, 5 dogs and a few animals Harley did not recognize.

A sign was posted on a red barn that read: Pigs Peace Sanctuary. The land was covered in sweet grass, trees and a vegetable garden that stretched over sloping hills. Harley never imagined such a beautiful place could exist just for pigs.

Harley kept to himself most of the time. All the pigs ignored him because he acted like a cat. He looked like a pot-bellied pig but he did not act like one! He preferred to play with the cats, when he could find them. At mealtime he remained with the cats and ate food from their dishes. Judy noticed that Harley acted like a cat, meowed like a cat, slept like a cat and preferred the food for cats. Judy found this to be quite peculiar but did not mind as long as Harley was content and at peace.

Years passed while animals came in and out of the Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Harley could not be happier! There were times he wished for a special friend and companion but how many pigs could there be that would rather be a cat like him?

The second week of February was approaching and Harley noticed Judy was acting anxious. She had been taking many trips to the big city, alone in her truck, returning without any new rescued animals. One day Judy came back from a trip carrying a very large box with the word "Valentine" written on the outside. Harley had never seen such a big box. Moments later, Judy walked the path toward Harley toting an enormous orange stripped cat. Judy said "Harley, I have found the perfect friend for you and her name is Valentine. This is February 14th and is a special holiday in celebration of love. Valentine was placed on the pathway. She waddled toward him. Harley sensed a special feeling for this cat and said "Happy Harley's day, Valentine." He heard Valentine say in a soft voice "You are a pig just like me! Happy Valentines Day, Harley, oink, meow, meow, oink, oink oink."