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Visiting Pigs Peace Sanctuary
Visiting the sanctuary

The pigs visiting the visitors

Open: May 1st - November 1st.

Closed: November 1st - May 1st.

When we are open all visiting is scheduled by appointment only and will be afternoon times.

Each person must be pre-scheduled with name and must confirm the day prior to visiting.

We love our visitors though the size of groups may be limited for the enjoyment of all.

The sanctuary is home to many animals who have suffered abuse and neglect prior to life at the sanctuary. This is not a petting zoo. The animals' needs always take priority so visits may be cancelled due to critical animal needs.

Visiting / Volunteer Guidelines

You are a guest in the home of many rescued animals in various stages of healing.

We want you to enjoy your visit. Ask any questions you want. No subject is out of bounds and no question is dumb.

Our goal is to make your visit enjoyable and educational. You will have many good photo opportunities.

  • Bring no food onto sanctuary grounds.
  • Do Not Feed the Animals. Many are on special diets.
  • We want pigs to greet you as a friend not food item.
  • We want you to meet pigs as a friend not food item.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • We respectfully request that no animal products be brought onto sanctuary grounds. We are dedicated to respect for all life.
  • Several animals have free run of the sanctuary. Please do not approach any animals without first checking with staff. Our animals come from situations of abuse and neglect, healing may take time.
  • No smoking.
  • No weapons, drugs or alcohol are allowed on the sanctuary. This is a place of refuge for animals and humans alike.
  • No personal pets allowed. Some sanctuary animals are dog attack survivors.

To schedule a visit

Please email Judy with the following information:

  • Number of guests
  • Name and age of each guest
  • 3 dates to visit
    (your first choice may be filled already)
  • Your visit time will be 2pm, 3pm or 4pm


If we must cancel your scheduled visit due to weather or an animal emergent need we will reschedule your visit to the earliest availability.

We are forever grateful to visitors who bring a financial donation.
And... bring wish list items.
It is thanks to your generosity that rescued animals live a life of peace.

Please Know

We have 190+ pigs who live at the sanctuary. All visiting is based on the activity of the sanctuary. Some days or weeks I have no visiting as we are busy with new rescues in trauma or pigs in acute medical conditions in need of intensive care. The animals always come first.

We have no staff and no help most days.

Mornings are full with feeding, cleaning and medical treatments, thus all visiting is scheduled for afternoons.

It is a joy to introduce people to the gentleness and true nature of pigs. I wish I could accommodate all visiting requests. I do the best I can.

Thank you for loving pigs,


.. or visit the Driving Directions page for additional directions.