Help the pigs

A man in a pick-up truck on a Washington highway was carrying a crate with piglets. He slammed on his brakes, the crate broke open and as he made a sharp turn each piglet fell out onto the highway to be hit by cars and killed. All but one, and she is Elsie!

Another man, who was driving, witnessed all this, stopped traffic to save the piglet, then called and asked to bring her here!!!

Elsie was VERY sick with pneumonia on top of recovering from car accident trauma and an injured leg.

Elsie barely moved as it takes all her energy to breath. It took a long time to physically recover.

Elsie was terrified of people.

Elsie was chased and caught to be crammed in a crate with others, totally traumatized with falling out of a moving vehicle onto a highway and seeing her siblings killed. Then chased and caught by her "rescuer" to be brought here!

Now Elsie must learn she is safe! This will take many hours of contact by me with medical treatments and intensive nursing care, giving fresh bedding, offering varied and frequent food samplings, cleaning up after her. Elsie will eventually learn she is free from harm and cared for. This will take a lot of work. This is the work of love. This is what we do at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.


This sick piglet sleeps over 23 hours a day! laboring every breath.

Please help.

Elsie's Update


This picture was taken when Elsie was up for a brief moment to eat and potty.