Help the pigs
Safety Crisis!

Piggy Girl stands on one of the sinking slabs.


This crack is over a pit and could cave in!

Fall 2011

With our Pacific Northwest weather nothing works better than a cement slab to feed the many pigs their pelleted food. The cement platform that our main group of 150 pigs eat their meals on is quickly shifting and cracking and will no longer support their weight without the risk of caving in!

This is an old Dairy Farm. The current cement platform was built years ago over a pit. It is now failing fast with many shifting cracks. For the safety of the pigs we must stop using it and do immediate repair before the weather shifts to winter.

This is an urgent safety need and a big unexpected expense.

I'm asking you…

Please - Please - Please help!

Donate to repair their platform
Alfy and Bambi