Help the pigs

Spring 2011


Ziggy arrives at Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Calls reporting abuse started flowing in when a three-legged piglet first arrived at a roadside zoo in Canada. She was considered a freak of nature with many anxious to see her. Her living quarters were barely big enough to turn around in. She was fully exposed to the cold winter weather of 20°F with no bedding! The plan at the zoo was to feed her to the lions when she lost her cuteness!

As soon as we heard of her, plans were made to get her to safety and love at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Born with three legs Ziggy does not know any other life. She is up and about like all pigs ready for breakfast eery morning.

Ziggy is growing fast and will be a large pig. Due to genetic breeding of the domestic pig her size may limit her ease of mobility.

Today she lives as a people greeter in the yard with a group of wonderful senior pigs.

Ziggy and Pilgrim the horse love each other.

Pilgrim was rescued off the slaughter bound truck years ago and lives as a senior horse at the sanctuary with dietary restrictions. Daily he gets time in the yard to eat grass. When he first saw Ziggy he was curious and she was too. Now every day they will be found hanging out together.


Roadside zoos are often just another word for a prison of neglect and abuse for all confined.

Please support the animals and not the captors.

Good friends Pilgrim the horse and Ziggy the pig

Good friends Pilgrim the horse and Ziggy the pig