Help the pigs

Winter 1997


George ready for the holidays!
Winter 2000

George was once so heavy that she was blinded by the folds of fat that were hanging over her eyes. She walked with a waddle and a limp. Now she has trimmed down and her eyes can be seen and used! She can walk easily and even run.

Summer 1998 Newsletter

George exemplifies a pigs intelligence. She watched Nathan get off the couch, go to the refrigerator for a snack and then go back to the couch. George then got up, nosed open the refrigerator and got a head of lettuce out of the produce bin. Now every time she comes in the house she goes straight for the refrigerator to attempt another raid. Of course she doesn't want to stop at just the produce bin anymore!

Spring 2009

As one of the sanctuary's senior pigs George has moved in with the TLC group, where the older pigs and those with physical limitations have their own sleeping area, grass to graze and fruit trees that drop treats now and then.

Often I'll help things along by bumping some apples or plums off the trees as I go by.


George with TLC friend Slasher. Winter 2009