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Rainbow in the pasture

The Pigs Peace pot of gold

Visitors become friends. Photographer: Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

Visitors become friends

Pigs Peace Sanctuary is a place of tranquility and happiness located one hour north of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

The sanctuary sits on 39 acres of meadow and forestland with ponds and trails. Excursions into the woods are enjoyed daily, sometimes by groups of pigs on social outings and also by individual pigs exploring.

All the pigs roam freely choosing where they sleep, graze, root and explore. They choose from many structures to sleep in, from the large barn to smaller sheds and huts, and even a few cozy suites for two under the trees. All sleeping areas are filled with soft hay for bedding. The pigs choose their own schedules with some pigs getting up early and others sleeping in. They form lifelong friendships and social groups.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 91-2005854) dedicated to providing a safe home for unwanted, abused or neglected animals in need and is committed to spreading the message of compassion and respect for all animals. Founded in 1994, the sanctuary provides medical care, a healthy diet, socialization, a permanent home and loving kindness. Our other main purpose is to educate the public about the characteristics and needs of pigs as well as the abuses often associated with exotic pet fads.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary is a premiere facility helping animals and educating people since 1994. We specialize in the lives of pigs but we also have welcomed other animals in need including ponies, horses, llamas, dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and turkeys. 100% of donations go towards the care of the animals who call the sanctuary home.

I have always loved pigs and all animals. I was given a secondhand piglet, Fern, and I fell in love. As Fern grew up I knew that I had room for more pigs, so I called a well-known shelter. To my dismay, I discovered that they didn't help pigs. That very day there was a pig to be destroyed who, after he had been found wandering city streets, was impounded and locked in quarantine. He became the sanctuary's first rescue, which led to research that revealed the dilemma that the potbellied pig fad has created.

Can you imagine surviving: Hunger day in and day out? Beatings with a 2 x 4? Being thrown from a car? Being left abandoned? Living in a closet in your own feces? Being lost for weeks with no place to sleep? Being in solitary isolation for years? Witnessing your kind killed before your eyes? No one deserves this and yet these are the stories of the "survivors" who live at the sanctuary. Some never knew love and compassion until they arrived at the sanctuary, and here they blossom with healthy meals, cozy warm beds and lasting friendships and freedom from fear. Where would these animals be without Pigs Peace Sanctuary?

We welcome all visitors. But because the animals are here to be looked after, not looked at, we must limit visitation. Visiting hours and directions are provided here. Please check the Wish List and bring much appreciated treats for the pigs!

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