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Bambi & Alfy

Fall 2005

Bambi and Alfy

They look like goats, but they are Barbados Blackbelly sheep!

We were asked to take Bambi and her 3 month old daughters after someone's dog attacked one lamb and broke its neck into a twisted curl with the lamb still alive. All three came to the Sanctuary after we first stopped at the veterinarian. Sadly, the injured lamb did not respond to treatment and died within days.

We are learning about the amazing athletic skills of these sheep. They can leap over a 5 ft. fence no problem! They have hair similar to goats, not wool. They originate from Barbados in the West Indies. They remain aloof and timid of humans.

It was an exciting day at the Sanctuary when the sheep arrived as we had to build a safe enclosure so they would adjust to their new home and not try to escape. The horses and llamas did not know what they were and figured we had brought aliens to the farm. The horses wanted to jump through their wire fence and the llamas wanted to be with the pigs for security. Hey the llamas are supposed to be protecting the pigs not the pigs protecting them!!

Alfy and Bambi

Alfy and Bambi