Help the pigs

Spring 2008

Betsy eats pasta
Betsy relishes tasty delights

Abuse was reported and Animal Control responds and states that a large female pig was found starving in thigh deep feces and mud. The only way to sleep without drowning in the sludge was to rest her head on the body of a dead pig!!

Her eyes were glazed over with sadness and despair. Her body thin and weak. Body parts of other dead animals were discovered in the mud. This was supposed to be her food.

She had been used as a breeding sow, enduring a lifetime of mistreatment. This pig owner/abuser is being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary was called to help this gentle creature. Pigs Peace Sanctuary would know how to deal with the physical and emotional scars of this pig. Of course we said yes and traveled across the state with truck and trailer bringing this hopeless pig to a new life filled with love at the sanctuary.

Her new home will be a place of her own for quiet adjustment and physical assessments. She has a bed of fresh sweet smelling hay, a field to explore full of tall grass and sweet clover.

Best of all she is by other pigs. Soon she will know how much pigs are loved here!

When you give generously to our rescue fund you help bring joy to a pig in need.

Our new pig friend Betsy thanks you with a smile that will never leave!


Update on Betsy's rescue…

Betsy is welcomed by all

Betsy meets her new friends