Help the pigs

Spring 2008

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Betsy in the apple tree
Betsy's bonanza! A part of one of the apple trees crashed
to the ground providing a feast for Betsy.

The rescue went very well. Our new friend is excited and very happy to be here. When I first met her she was a despondent pig walking on her knees due to chronic foot pain, lying down at every moment uninterested in everything.

This sweet pig is now roaming and exploring her new home at Pigs Peace Sanctuary with such enthusiasm and joy. It is hard to believe this is the same girl.

It saddens me to think of her life last winter, surviving in feces and mud up to her chin with dead bodies next to her knowing death was her only way out of horrible life. In her wildest dreams she could never imagine getting out alive let alone coming to a home surrounded by other pigs, soft hay beds, tall green grass, sweet clover and full of love and care.

Your support of our work makes dreams come true. Thank you a thousand times for your help!

For the first time in her life, she is not a breeder -she is a friend and her name is Betsy.

Betsy's living conditions


Betsy nestled in her hay bed

Betsy in her hay bed