Help the pigs
Herman and Arlo

Summer 2007

Here we are at the sanctuary enjoying the
shade and fruit of some apple trees.

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The boys

Herman and Arlo.

We were born at a pig farm. OUCH! Our tails were cut and we were castrated when days old -without anesthetic! Taken from our mother at a young age and sold to a farmer to be killed when 6 months of age, our bodies would become bacon and ham.

We had a different plan...

We heard about a place where they love pigs. Where the pigs are happy and safe and free and they eat really good food. The name of the place is Pigs Peace Sanctuary. We were determined to find this heaven for pigs!!

We escaped from the farmer and started walking. We didn't know where to go.... we walked for miles. Dogs chased us. People chased us.

Oh no... We were lost.

We were scared every night -trying to find a safe place to sleep. We only had each other and a dream.

One day we were trapped and captured!! We could not escape the pen. We had food and a clean bed. Nice people took care of us. We heard them talk about the pig sanctuary and we were excited. Then we saw a large van drive up and a woman with a smile came right to us. She talked soft and gentle. She liked us right away. We were scared to be loaded up. We didn't know we were actually on our way to Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

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