Help the pigs
Buttercup & Harvey

Spring 2006

Harvey the pig and Buttercup the turkey
Harvey in the dog house with Buttercup the turkey

Harvey was recently moved out of the TLC home for several days and into the public area to be an ambassador.

Pigs living in the public area are the sanctuary's ambassadors, greeting visitors when they arrive. When Harvey was previously living in the public area he choose to sleep in what was then a new doghouse.

This time around Harvey wanted to sleep in the doghouse again, where he had previously stayed. Since his last stay in the doghouse though, Buttercup the turkey had moved in and was very content there.

Buttercup, a generous hostess, invited Harvey to stay. You can see them both in the photograph, happily sharing the small space. Buttercup sitting on her eggs while Harvey greets visitors at the entrance.

After a few days Harvey was moved back to his usual spot in the TLC area. It's such a joy to see how loving the animals can be towards each other.