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Judee & Tony

November 2007

Tony and Judee
Tony and Judee arrive.

Two young piglets wandering for weeks in the countryside south of Seattle. They were captured by Animal Control with the fate of the animal auction yard -then separation and death.

Instead - Pigs Peace Sanctuary to the rescue. They were the saddest pigs who survived the worst early life. Both had sores on their bodies, covered in lice, and had no idea what pig food was -nor apples, fruits and vegetables. Yet, when a chicken pooped they would run and eat it -YUK and how horrible! They saw that as food?! Our work was in store for us. We had physically sick pigs and with troubled young minds who needed teaching and care. Love is a good teacher and healer.

When they arrived both were acutely sick with pneumonia. Tony was near death, each breath a struggle. He couldn't eat or drink and he had a weak body to fight the illness. Both were brought in the house for intensive medical care and treatment. These two got the best of care to fight the pneumonia and build up their bodies.

Both not only recovered, they thrived!

Today they are growing up in the "big herd" -not all big pigs but our largest community of pigs.

Both Judee and Tony became instant friends with Bunny, Oliver, Herman and Arlo. These six pigs are often inseparable! Sleeping side by side every night. Out every day in exploration of the tastiest morsel or sweetest clover. Their young life struggle is a fading memory.

Life at Pigs Peace Sanctuary is a life of joy, peace and friendship for pigs!