Help the pigs
The Abandoned Ten

Spring 1998


Morton, one of the ten.

It was a bleak dark day a few months ago when I got a call telling me of ten pigs abandoned by a person that moved out and left the pigs behind. Ten unaltered pigs living together with no food or water. Each pig that comes to the sanctuary requires a commitment for life. How could I possibly take all ten at once? Our funds were scarce and I knew that the vet bill for spaying and neutering would be large plus the additional food, bedding and care required.

When I went to see the pigs and saw how they existed my only thought was how could I not help them. They came tearing out of a filthy barn into 6 inches of mud and manure. The fence was down and some of the pigs went into the woods. There were broken boards with nails on the ground. It was horrible. The look of terror, desperation and misery in their eyes was a look I will never forget.

And so they came. So full of fear that they slammed their bodies into the fence to get away as I went to greet or feed them. What had their lives been like that they felt such fear.

Today you will see what love and gentle kindness can do. All ten immediately received the finest veterinary care. Four of the ten have been placed in very special pig loving homes (with three living together). They now know that life is a full belly, a warm dry snugly bed, pasture to explore and a good tummy rub. They are the first to come running to greet me for food or just to be by me. I always smile.

I have been so enriched by the gift of trust from these forgiving souls who went without for so long. Again I am in awe at the resiliency of spirit. I am so grateful to be able to do this work of love. I thank you for sending your support so I can continue to look into those hopeless empty eyes in the future and be there to take them in. I can't do it alone and I don't. I do it with your help and for you I am grateful and so are the pigs now enjoying a life of hope and love -Ben, Morton, Amilia, Scooter, Pequod, Hamlet, Addy, Albert, Imelda, Gulliver and the other deserving pigs who call the sanctuary home. We love you.


Four of the ten abandoned pigs

Four of the ten abandoned in mud