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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2017
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Winter 2017

We make room and relocate pig groups to move the nine large pigs from the barn they have been sleeping in since they came. It was originally a horse walk-in stall with only three sides and one open side. The nine big pigs sleep as a bonded group with legs on top of each other huddled close. They are moved so we can build out on the open wall side to enclose and enlarge their sleeping spot.

Calls come continuously from people wanting me to take their “bought from breeder” pig!

Big pig Timothy has continuous severe limp and toe infection. He is moved to medical unit for x-rays and surgery. His infected bone has been with him before coming here. Caused no doubt from the years of living in feces up to his knees. Prognosis is poor. Treatment is strong. Timothy is one of the nine pigs from the sheriff abuse / neglect seizure. He suffers terribly and four of the sows have permanent broken pelvises. I blame the abuser less than the people who eat pork! This was a “family farm” situation. No one regulates the care. There is no such thing as Humane meat. To pigs its murder! It is a marketing ploy and animals often suffer. I see it face to face. Love pigs? Don’t eat them!

Twelve-year-old big Berkshire pig Sophia died. Big girl Emma Sue gets hoof trim from vet while sleeping under anesthesia.

Spring 2017

Sanctuary puppy Cooper starts and completes puppy class. Truckloads of gravel to help with muddy driving. Large pigs Arlo & Timothy require antibiotic injection. University students visit for a day educating all. Large pig Sophia died.

Leala pig in medical quarantine for abscess treatment. Large pig Oliver to quarantine for medical treatment. Senior mini pigs Kirby and Bruno to vet for hoof & tusk trims. Fund raise for Pigs Peace Sanctuary and Precious Life Sanctuary at Central Cinema for premier showing of film Called To Rescue featuring both sanctuaries.

The next day Judy spends 16 hours helping dying piglet that was found lifeless on the side of the road. Small senior pig Ruby died.

Sanctuary vegetable garden prepped and planted. Photographer Kevin Horan here for specialty shots of pigs. Large pig Arlo died. Same day 2 young pigs Pickle & Potato here. A semi-truck full of bananas had refrigeration problem. Would we take the bananas? We say Yes and took in 576 boxes or 23,040 lbs. Green bananas everywhere! Volunteers help with stacking!

Vegan Haven in Seattle has bake sale for the pigs! Scheduled visiting starts in the spring with all visit days scheduled full! Each group learns much about the sanctuary and the nature of pigs. They meet many wonderful pigs here. Many scheduled vet visits all spring for hoof trims & dentals.

Summer 2017

Pigs Edgar & Elmer got tusk trims. New volunteers take on task to dig pig's pond to expand it. Visitors bring a surprise of 36 watermelons and ALL sanctuary pigs have a watermelon party! Great fun! We are interviewed for magazine article.

Vegan Haven volunteers receive a visit day as a day of gratitude to them for volunteering for the pigs. Big pig Rachel sick and refusing to get up or eat. Cargo van needs towing to mechanic - unpredictable now.

Photographer here to take pictures for calendar next year. Ex "pig farmer for years" visits with others and remarks many times before he left "I learned so much here I didn't know." Sanctuary 8-year-old cat Boots has difficulty to urinate with blood in urine. He is hospitalized at vet 3 times this summer for urinary blockage. Given recovery instructions of prescriptive diet only and no outside privileges to decrease stress.

No Bones Beach Club restaurant in Seattle and Portland brings a group here for a work party day. We plan a future fundraising dinner in October.

Big pig Rachel died. Two weeks later her friend Ginger died from heart failure - a big loss! Many visitors come weekly for scheduled visiting. 14-year-old pig Ramona dies with her best friend 5-year-old Maggie by her side. Maggie becomes despondent overcome with grief by the loss! She won't eat, she stays for days on the spot Ramona died.

Our very old, very dead pickup truck towed away for good. Volunteers paint barns. Roofing replaced on barns for Honey, Ziggy, TLC pigs and medical units. We won't have leaking when it rains!! Propane heater replaced in Education room. Truckloads of gravel to repair parking lot for volunteers. Judy Woods to Connecticut for sanctuary founders conference.

Fall 2017

Scheduled visiting continues full each visit. Truckloads of shaving delivered into pig walkways to prep for winter weather. Hay into all barns deep as the nights get cooler. One-year-old sanctuary dog Cooper hospitalized at vet for acute pancreatitis.

We sell out 77 tickets for a benefit fundraiser dinner for the pigs within days! Canopies up and rain predicted. Pouring rain did not stop the day of amazing food. Thank you to No Bones Beach Club and the great guests who get to toss apples in the field for pigs!

Judy Woods to Everett Community College for day of outreach and education. Visiting season closes - we have snow 5 days later! Big pig Bunny dies. Our 8th large pig to die this year alone. Devastating grief to lose so many. All are seniors and had full lives of quality loving care while here. Judy Woods to California for red carpet showing of Called To Rescue film in Beverly Hills. Judy speaks as one on the panel to the audience.

We receive a contest winning gigantic pumpkin that is taken to the field for the pigs to devour. It takes them 4 days. New puppy Cody - a golden doodle is welcomed to a new home here.

Timothy laying in the cedar chips.

Timothy and his infected foot.

Pickles and Potato in the grass

New pigs Pickle and Potato enjoy sweet grass.

Tow truck loading up the van.

Van being towed again

Cooper snuggled up against Jenny.

Puppy Cooper and grandma Jenny

Cooper the dog laying in the grass


Cody sitting next to the giant pumpkin

New puppy Cody and the giant pumpkin

Vet performing hoof trim in the barn with Emma Sue laying in the hay.

Vet performing hoof trims

Arlo in the doorway looking out.

We say goodbye to Arlo

The pigs eating watermelon on a sunny day

Watermelon party!


Maggie and Ramona snuggled together, noses touching.

Best friends Maggie & Ramona

Boots wearing 'cone' at the vets

Boots at the vet

Benefit dinner

Benefit Dinner


Lots of bananas

Unloading 576 boxes of bananas

Boots wearing 'cone' at the vets

Ready for a banana party!

Lots of bananas

Pigs love ripe bananas!


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