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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2010
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January 2010

Continues a cold, wet winter. We start the month giving out 40 new hay bales for cozier, warmer beds at night. The pigs can hardly wait to go to bed when it's new bedding! Such fun.

Doh Driver, the manager at the sanctuary's vegan store in Seattle, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, was robbed at gun point on Saturday evening. She is safe with new security measures immediately in place. All are saddened that someone would steal from a store run by volunteers that helps a non-profit animal sanctuary!

We receive an urgent call for help with a runt piglet. Little Hamilton comes and is immediately rushed to the vet. He was close to death and required intensive care and attention for days.

Our very old large apple trees get their yearly pruning. They are loaded in buds and we hope for an abundant bounty of apples for the pigs in the Fall.

Pony Esther has acute laminitis and must be quarantined with strict hoof care and dietary limits.

Our greatly used Cargo Van requires an extensive repair. We need this van working strong for as long as possible.

The days are surprisingly warm for a week and the sanctuary dogs are shedding their winter coats months early!

Animal Control calls requesting help/information regarding a 700 lb. impounded sow.

Calls come asking us for help with roosters, rabbits and a ferret. We network our resources for appropriate care.

Will Tuttle, author of Peace Meal Diet, comes for a visit to meet the pigs at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Four loads of cedar chips delivered and put down for mud-free walkways.

We do our first posting on Facebook. We hope many will be our friends!

February 2010

Farm piglet Hamilton thrives with good care and is growing fast. He continues to live in the house, being bottle fed every 2 hours with bites of new foods offered daily. He continues with intense bonding to one month older potbellied piglet Ella. They sleep together every night.

Potbellied geriatric pig Scarlet dies peacefully in her bed. Close to her dear friends Fern, Chester and Missy.

Potbellied pigs Charlie and Levi to the vet for a thorough examination under anesthesia. Both come home with a clean bill of health.

Pony Esther continues with Farrier care and quarantine for her acute laminitis. Healing may seem slow, but it is happening.

Piglet Hamilton to vet for neuter and does well. Potbellied piglet Ella scheduled for spay, but she reacts negatively under anesthesia and we stop the procedure and will reschedule when she is more mature.

Many, many calls come from people who no longer want their pigs. The need can seem overwhelming. We do not have the resources to help all who need us. It is sad.

Eastern Washington Animal Shelter requests our assistance with pig care advice.

Seven trees planted to provide summer shade for the animals.

March 2010

We receive a concerning call regarding a piglet that was dumped at an animal shelter at closing time. He had a bent and swollen foot. We got him as soon as possible and rush him in for urgent x-rays. We discover that his foot is damaged beyond repair, every bone shattered. We name him Edgar and he will live with the best of care at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Edgar must have limited movement while he heals so we make his 'home' in our home at the center of the family. Piglets Hamilton and Ella visit him frequently, numerous times each day.

Piglet Hamilton grows. Potbellied piglet Ella spayed at the vet without complications. Previously neutered Hamilton has swelling in his scrotal sack that continues to enlarge. Surgery scheduled and peritoneal fluid is discovered! Very odd!!

Judy Woods, Pigs Peace Sanctuary Founder / Director, speaks at the memorial service for Pigs Peace Sanctuary board member Robin Hall. Robin was a strong advocate for animals her entire life and is greatly missed.

Judy visits local Pacific Northwest animal shelter to assist with pig care. We receive a young sow from them. Sally the pig is happy to meet the pigs at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. She has physical limitations with her hind leg and we can help with her long term, long life care.

Four tons of certified organic hay delivered. We stack and stack hay and everyone gets new hay beds!

We have a total surprise of a 70° day! Piglet Hamilton enjoys his first time in a pond! We can hardly wait for summer!

Days later it is back to gray days with cold temperatures and lots of rain, sigh...

April 2010

First weekend work party accomplished much cleaning of fields, delivery of 37 bales of hay to add to the pigs' beds, and the garden area weeded and turned.

Large farm pig Curly got his tusk stuck on the fence -he yells for help then waits while Judy gets the bolt cutter to cut the fence panel.

Horrible sight next door! While Judy feeds Special Needs handicapped pigs at Pigs Peace Sanctuary she witnessed freshly killed pig bodies moved out of the barn next door on a conveyor belt into a truck for transport to processing. A haunting sight!

Pig farmer asks for Judy's assistance with birth. Three piglets survive from a litter of four. We ask them to stop the breeding and that the two male babies not be killed at six months, but grow up as brothers. Farmer agrees and we find a lifetime home for these two in a vegetarian family.

Someone abandons a rooster at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. We are at our rooster limit and are very upset with the thoughtless way people relinquish responsibility for animals and their lack of respect for our limitations.

Sahale snacks donates van load of outdated but still amazingly delicious nut and fried fruit snacks to the pigs! They are delighted and gobble joyfully.

Piglet Edgar undergoes follow up x-rays of his broken foot. Results show complete healing! Edgar is happy to have the opportunity to try out his foot. He loves time in the yard with friends Ella and Hamilton.

Edgar guest of honor at fundraising bake sale held in Seattle at Sidecar for Pigs Peace.

Animal control sheriff requests our help with a pig confiscated in a cruelty case. Pig Kirby found living in a 3x5 foot section of a horse trailer for two years! We will help with the prosecution.

We turn our newsletter room into a surgical room for farm pig Sally to be spayed here at Pigs Peace Sanctuary as she is too large for transport. Surgery goes well and Sally recovers in a soft bed of fresh hay and blankets.

We are open for visiting and many scheduled visits are given.

May 2010

Month starts with a large group here for a work day. We are grateful for the help.

Two week-old male piglets here for castration at the vet then recovery here before we place them in a lifetime home.

A sad day here when senior blind Pomeranian dog Peter died. He is deeply missed.

New volunteers oriented and start working once a week. We desperately need help and are very appreciative.

Many calls this month from all over the country asking for pig advice regarding care and behavior issues.

Many visitors scheduled this month.

Month ends with six-week-old piglets Waylon and Diego transported to their new home in Oregon.

June 2010

Newsletter #36 completed and picked up at the printer. Just in time for our info booth at the Green Festival in Seattle. We meet hundreds of people.

Piglet Lilly here! Saved from a life as a breeding sow. We schedule her spay to happen soon.

Soundview School visits!

Sadly senior pig Imelda died.

Our busiest visiting month with many days booked full.

Six pigs to vet for routine hoof and tusk trims.

Repair work started on one of the pig barns.

Documentary film Bold Native screening in Seattle. The next day producer and director here for filming of next documentary.

Board meets for planning of the Walk for the Animals at Green Lake in Seattle on Sept. 4th. Permits completed.

July 2010

Three tons of organic hay delivered.

Our field mowing is done -takes over a week of daily mowing.

Pony Ester transported to new home in Eastern Washington.

Pigs to vet for hoof and tusk trims.

Potbellied pig Missy died. Her best friend, large pig Chester is overcome with grief. It is so sad to witness.

Dogs groomed for summer comfort.

New volunteers to start.

Many scheduled visitor days.

Fundraiser vegan bake sale held for two days at Sidecar for Pigs Peace in Seattle to benefit animals.

Kirby up on his own after hearing Judy's voice while talking to other pigs. There have been over 2,000 contacts in the three months that he has been here. He has lost weight. He visibly feels better with increased mobility but continues to be blind with deep fat encased around his eyes.

Mooshu the pig extremely sick, in acute respiratory distress. All visiting cancelled as intensive care is required. Sadly, Mooshu does not recover.

August 2010

Month starts with a work party organized by a supporter who visited once and wanted to help more! Six loads of cedar chips were put down for pig walkways. Older pig Karl died unexpectedly from a cardiac condition.

Pigs Gladys and Amy to vet for hoof trims and dental exam - Amy had 4 loose molars pulled!

The month is full of visitors! All ages.

Judy to visit pig in Edmonds with behavior problems. Month ends with a truckload of watermelons brought to the pigs - A fun treat indeed!

September 2010

The month starts sadly with the death of large farm pig Curly. He was a great friend to many. His all-time best friend Albert stayed with Curly's body and sat on the grave. A very sad, sad day.

The month continues with many days full of visitors of all ages. The first weekend is Pigs Peace Sanctuary's annual fund raising Walk around Greenlake. The weather was great with treats for all walkers; and it was a fun way to help the animals!

180 bags of V-Dog delivered and stacked. Eight loads of cedar chips delivered - ready to spread.

We buy a display shed for future volunteer/visitor restroom. Trenches dug - piping set and gravel delivered for shed site. Building delivered and set up in one day. Now the work continues.

Numerous calls with requests for us to take pigs - Very frustrating. Pig Florence died. Pig Charlie to vet for cheek abscesses.

October 2010

Many visiting days with nice autumn weather. Pig running loose on Seattle streets daily picked up and impounded. He is a robust boar who was actively looking for love every night. We take Amos and he is in heaven to see pigs everywhere! He is in 2 month quarantine after his castration at the Vet.

Hundreds of calls and emails regarding pigs in need of rehoming from a 'sanctuary' that is closing. I wish all the people who want to start a sanctuary would talk to the many that have closed their doors. I have advised for years: if you want to start a sanctuary, work at an existing one first, 7 days a week, no day off for an entire year. You will learn specific species care for diet, fencing, housing and medical needs.

We continue work on the visitor/volunteer restroom -A longer project than anticipated. Fencing repair work completed. Our vegan store in Seattle hosts a bake sale to benefit the sanctuary. Great treats for all! Thank you bakers!

Kirby to vet for dental exam. Judy makes house consult call to family with behavior problem pig. Calls continue with requests to take pigs -An endless need.

Pig Lola here from Oregon. She runs, happy to see everything. Month ends with full grown large pig Charlotte here for behavior readjustment. She must remain in strict quarantine until she is safe to be around. Her behavior training starts the minute she arrives to the sanctuary.

November 2010

Concrete, plywood and 6x6 posts delivered for building addition. We double the covered area for big pig Chester , who cannot walk due to compressed spinal cord. He lives happy in hay with his pig friends and his job as official people greeter. Insurance audit completed.

We do a special formulation of 3 tons of pig food. Visiting continues on nice days. Consult calls about pig behavior problems from England and Costa Rica! Most problems are related to a pig living without another pig. They need their own species. We prepare for winter with fresh hay beds and loads of cedar chips. Pig Lola's people here from Oregon to visit and volunteer.

Judy interviewed on Radio talk show. We help with rescue and placement of small dog found with severe health issues.

Calls come about a sick pig at another 'sanctuary' who is suffering due to lack of knowledge and proper care. It is easy to rescue a cute piglet, but without an experienced pig vet and training in the right fencing, housing, behavior, diet and health, when a pig needs help many 'sanctuary' founders call us for expertise and help in a crisis. Often it is too late and the pig suffers!

The third week brought lots of snow and a cold snap down to 9°F. Lots of frozen water.

December 2010

Month starts with Big Pig Chester in medical crisis with incomplete recovery. He is on daily injections of meds.

Numerous calls regarding an abandoned pig running loose scaring livestock. Animal control sheriff asks us to assist with capture and transport. We help and the pig is relocated to a new home with lots of advice from us on pig care. Calls qcome regarding a sanctuary in Montana in dire condition with animals in need.

Eight loads of cedar chips delivered. Large Chester continues with medical needs. Christmas cards made and sent out.

Large pig Charlotte is down in the field. She continues in quarantine as she is still pretty new with naughty behavior that needs restructuring. She receives intense medical care for her acute need and after two weeks is completely recovered.

Our vegan store in Seattle, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, hosts a holiday bake sale to benefit the pigs. Thank you bakers and buyers, it was a great success!

A Northwest company calls with a surplus of nuts. We receive 2,000 lbs. of peanuts. The pigs are thrilled that I said yes! and all get treats. The month ends with large pig Charlotte completing Phase Two of her training. She is now free to join all the pigs in the large herd of 150 pigs.


Hamilton arrives needing
emergency care.

Will Tuttle with Ella

Will Tuttle holding piglet Ella.

Photo of hay being delivered

Hay for beds being delivered


Scarlet enjoys a pumpkin

Hamilton in the pond

Hamilton in the pond


Sally smells the tulips.

Sally's spay surgery

Sally's spay in the Newsletter room

Bake Sale

The Bake Sale for the animals

School visit

Soundview school visits

Waylon & Diego with Edgar

Edgar, Waylon & Diego

Kirby and Judy chat

Kirby seeks out Judy's voice


Lilly likes the bake sale


Lola makes a fluffy bed in her new house


Happy Charlotte says hello

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