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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2011
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December 2011

Month starts with two work parties in one weekend. Gravel is moved by shovel and cart, a very grueling task. We are called regarding twelve pigs, not local, in dire condition with no shelter. Calls are made and pigs are relocated.

Our pig food recipe is adjusted with twice the Flax seed. We have a multigrain, high quality food. We feed six tons a month -that is 240 50 lb. bags!!

Calls come from people wanting to adopt a pig as a present for Christmas. We tell people what the breeders won't. Judy Woods and Winston the pig to Seattle one Saturday afternoon to represent the face of the meat for a high school girls senior project featuring veganism. Large pig Judee the pig continues with ambulation limitations with her damaged rear leg. She is in the yard with her new best girlfriend, three-legged pig Ziggy and both ambulate to the best of their ability up behind the organic garden or under the apple trees by the front gate. They become very bonded, eating and sleeping together. Both are amazing! A not so perfect body is reality and so is a boundless spirit!

A man comes to the sanctuary reporting a pig abandoned on the side of the road in an empty lot. We find the pig. Her blankets are frozen stiff. It was a 21° night and she had no shelter of any kind!! It is disturbing that anyone could do this to any animal. The pig is quickly taken to safety and shelter at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

One of the sanctuary's rescued dogs, Ben, to the veterinarian for cyst removal surgery and eye surgery.

Six tons of hay delivered to add fresh hay to beds and to have extra. We are going through many bales of hay daily.

Calls come from several people requesting help with their pet pigs' aggressive behavior. A common problem in a one-pig house.

Obese potbellied pig Bruno has lost enough weight in the past 4 months to safely be castrated, and have a hoof and tusk trim.

When Bruno was rescued in August, from living in a horse stall, he was so obese his respiratory system could not survive anesthesia. Recently, he recovered well from surgery yet still has a long weight loss journey ahead.

All these years we have unloaded 50 lb. bags of pig food one at a time by hand from our van. This month ends with the purchase of a fork lift which is a great thing except there is no way to get it into the barn where the food goes due to wet winter ground!!

November 2011

Large farm pig Judee is injured in the field with severe damage to her right rear leg. She is moved to intensive medical care and given emergency medications. The veterinarian's diagnosis and prognosis is grim. A large pig cannot be repaired as easily as a dog or cat. This is horrible. Judee does her best by getting up on three legs to eat, drink and give pig kisses. If she won't give up we won't. Her best pig friend Clara visits and watches as Judee struggles with ambulation.

Visitors bring pumpkins - a huge treat. Frequent calls come regarding aggressive pigs. We help with advice. Young mini pig Charlie Brown here for behavior help. Our large people-friendly group of pigs will help him with his human-focused aggression.

Senior pig Posh's cancer has come back with a vengeance and she bleeds from her vulva. We have a cold snap in the middle of the month with freezing temperatures of frozen water and sixty bales of hay added to all beds. Farrier here for equine trim and veterinarian with farrier for large pig Emma Sue's hoof access and trim.

We are called regarding a two-year-old sheep that is dog afraid so farmer wants it dead. We call for re-homing.

Judy Woods visits Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle to meet animal caretakers / curators regarding their Ossabaw pig coming to live at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Ossabaw pig Wilbur is a gentle fellow and yes, we would welcome him.

Our pumpkin mountains are opened up as a bounty treat for the pigs.

Twenty-one-year-old potbellied pig Houdini has a flare up of his mast cell tumors requiring urgent care.

October 2011

Month starts with sending a flyer out with a plea for help for the cement slab repair. This is an unexpected expense that cannot be postponed due to the urgent safety concerns for the pigs.

The main herd of 150 pigs is fenced away from construction and must be fed in a new place daily so as to not destroy the ground. They anticipate every morning where breakfast will be. It becomes a treat to see their curiosity.

Rain comes during cement slab work and gravel trucks get stuck! A big ordeal that is not fun. Loads of gravel unloaded in our driveway must now be moved by carts -WE NEED A TRACTOR!!!

Rescued dog Quentin, who has had a chronic condition of Myasthenia Gravis for four years has a medical crisis and dies within days. A sad, sad time as we lose a dear friend.

This month is no different than every month with calls of people wanting us to take their pig. Many consult calls this month regarding behavior problems with pigs. Month continues with weekly visits to the veterinarian. Apples delivered and happily devoured within moments.

Our vegan store in Seattle hosts a bake sale to benefit the pigs and it comes at a much needed time.

Potbellied pig Bruno moved to large field to continue dieting so he can be safely neutered. Neutering has been delayed due to his respiratory distress caused by excess weight on his lungs, which is a liability while undergoing anesthesia.

Last year's compost piles were fenced this spring and we planted hundreds of pumpkin and squash seeds. This month the pigs received the fruits of waiting. They love pumpkins and are fed 80 - 100 many days.

Ben the dog gets lost and stuck in mud, unable to move, deep in the woods. All are happy to have him safe at home.

September 2011

Month starts with putting out thirty bales of orchard grass hay to fill up pig sleeping beds. Potbellied senior pigs Emily and Pequad to the veterinarian for hoof trims and dental care.

Visitors and new volunteers fill the weekends from small to large groups.

On a quiet September day, like many others, Pigs Peace Sanctuary celebrates it's 17th birthday. Three tons of hay delivered and stacked.

This year's project of building a covered walkway and changing the doorway for the pigs' entry into the larger barn is completed. The pigs now explore what has changed. Farrier here for equine hoof trims.

Our pig veterinarian here for farm visit and we discuss the cracking cement platform that the pigs eat on. The decision is made to immediately stop using it and do a repair for safety of the pigs. Contractors called for bids. Fencing put up and plans made to start excavation. All visiting stopped until the chaos of construction is complete.

This month we have ten truckloads of cedar chips delivered as well as truckloads of gravel to start our winter mud management plan.

Senior pigs Pearl, Hilary and Jena to veterinarian for hoof trims and dental care. All three pigs have loose teeth pulled.

Senior pig Margaret to Veterinarian for surgery of mast cell tumor removal. All potbellied pigs go the veterinarian in towel-bedded carriers for our hour drive each direction.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary's annual Walk for the Animals Green Lake Walk gave us a moment with friends and supporters who gathered in Seattle on a lovely day in support of the sanctuary.

August 2011

For 3 months pig Tony needed a quiet living area for the best healing environment for his damaged leg. For his comfort, his sister Daisy and pig friend Betsy lived with him. This month started with the vet giving Tony a clean bill of health and the gate is opened so that they can join the main herd and have acres and acres to explore. It is fun watching them make many new friends.

Judy is interviewed for the article in a national magazine. Many visiting days this month.

Small wedding under the arbor of the organic garden.

Pigs Larry and Houdini to vet for dentals. Biopsy of Houdini's skin reveals mast cell tumors. TLC pigs Gingersnap and Daisy to vet for dentals. Summer eve photo shoot of Judy and pigs for magazine article.

Report comes of grossly obese potbelly pig living isolated in horse stall. We are told the pig is blind and deaf with tusks growing into face and long distorted hooves. Within days Bruno is transported to Pigs Peace Sanctuary. He will have a slow recovery and needs much care.

July 2011

Month starts with potbellied pigs Fred to vet for cheek abscess treatment and Wilbur for tusk trim.

Visitors from Oregon and New York.

Tractor and mower rented for hours of mowing the field. The grass is over 5 feet tall which means limited visibility for many. We mow as much as we can in one day with the rental. We desperately need our own tractor!

Piglet Olivia to vet for spay. One week later she is placed in new home for life with a loving couple who have another piglet. Many people want piglets but there are few homes who understand the commitment.

Calls come from several places in the state asking us to take pigs.

Judy consults on pig in a home with behavior problems which is a frequent request for help when there is a solitary pig in a home.

Volunteer surprises us with 3 cartloads of watermelons for the pigs. A wonderful summer treat. Sanctuary signs and banners designed and order placed.

Farrier for routine equine hoof care. Healthy large farm pig Merlin in intense grief after his best friend Joey died. Merlin stopped eating, cried all day and died 2 weeks later. Very, very sad. He is buried next to his friend.

Two work parties this month, both with volunteers who volunteer at our vegan store in Seattle: Sidecar For Pigs Peace. Amazing help from some incredible people!

Montana rescue pig Mabel has lost enough weight to have a safe surgery and she gets spayed. Many benign tumors are discovered on her uterus. Potbellied pig Winston to vet for tusk trim.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary Founder Judy Woods visits Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in Arizona.

Calls from Utah, Idaho and California requesting that we take farm pigs. We have limited places to recommend. Very frustrating!

Trench dug, water pipe laid and covered and gravel delivered and down in one day for water line to handicapped pig areas. A big job done!

Month ends as Judy visits BaaHaus Sanctuary on Vashon Island here in Washington state and says hello to pig residents there.

June 2011

Organic garden planted. New crops trialed this year. Pigs Leslie and Homer to Vet for hoof trim and dental care. Calls from Idaho and California to take farm piglets. We assist with referrals.

Large pig Joey in intensive care for foot infection. His pig friend Merlin is a frequent visitor.

Vet to sanctuary to x-ray large pig Tony's leg after treatment here. His recovery is remarkable! Knee joint fused with infection gone.

Judy consults with abused pig rescued in Africa. We rescue four-month-old piglet from man who bought her on impulse from a breeder and lives with a disability in a trailer park that does not allow pigs. She is full of mange mites and must be quarantined for two weeks while in treatment.

Month ends with death of large pig Joey. We are all very sad as he was here many years. His friend Merlin grieves!

May 2011

Senior pig Fern to Vet for major surgery of mast cell tumor removal. Animal Control officer calls us to assist with pigs in Oregon. Pigs Zoomer and Homer to Vet for dental and hoof trim. Farrier for equine trims. Visitors from Eastern Canada visit. New volunteers oriented.

Pig Joey started on treatment for new infection of a foot that has had a chronic condition for years.

Organic garden beds weeded and prepared for planting. Rented tractor to turn compost piles. We fence compost piles and plant thousands of squash and pumpkin seeds!

Two pallets of V-Dog delivered. Driver gets stuck and it becomes a lot of work unloading 290 bags of dog food!

Seattle Animal Control calls regarding pig impounded after running loose in the streets. Previous owner says it was a 'Micro Mini Pig'. It is actually part potbellied part large pig. She will be a big girl. We say yes to her as Clementine will be doomed without freedom at a sanctuary.

The month continues to be very wet with much flooding.

April 2011

Numerous calls come from several states with requests for us to take pigs and chickens. We are limited in who we can help and it is sad and frustrating. Too many people continue to buy from breeders without doing the research on the 20 year commitment that a pig requires. We absolutely cannot take all that need help and we have no place to recommend as there are many bad 'sanctuaries'.

Judy goes to Montana 'sanctuary' to bring back the pig who was injured in January and is still suffering. She is horrified to see the conditions of the animals. All pigs are underfed and skinny, have mange and have no bedding in the Montana winter cold. Two sows are pregnant due to accidental breeding. Judy takes Tony with the very damaged leg and his sister Daisy to Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Transport arrangements are made to go back a week later for pregnant Betsy.

This was a stressful rescue from a 'sanctuary' that had gone downhill fast. We had to transport pigs across three treacherous mountain passes in winter conditions.

Tony is started on intensive care for his leg. Prognosis is extremely poor and doubtful due to the extensive damage and duration of injury. Within two weeks of arrival, pregnant pig Betsy delivers five dead babies after a difficult labor. It was a horrible experience.

The three pigs eat five times the normal amount of food daily to build their under-fed bodies.

Judy attends Animal Law Conference in Seattle.

Piglet Ziggy spayed. X-rays taken of missing joint

Dog Ben to Veterinarian for eye tumor.

It continues to be a very wet-wet-wet spring.

March 2011

Montana rescue pigs Pearl and Grandma Mabel to Veterinarian for dental care, hoof trims and spays. Grandma Mabel too fat and must be rescheduled in six months.

Quentin the dog to Veterinarian for tumor removal. Recovery and prognosis is good.

Potbellied pig Betty Lou out of strict medical recovery and is allowed more exercise.

Calls came from an owner of a potbellied pig who lives in a trailer park and was told his pig of 5 years must go. We consult with him and the sheriff.

Judy is contacted regarding suspected abuse of a three-legged piglet in a roadside zoo in Canada. We call the state veterinarian for transport requirements.

Potbellied pigs Fred and Levi to veterinarian for dental care and hoof trims. A pig farmer calls Judy for advice when one of his pigs is ill. Judy will often advise on pig care and behavior, but always refers to veterinary care for medical concerns.

Lumber delivered and work continues on barn addition and repairs. Calls come asking us to take chickens and roosters.

Montana sanctuary with injured pig calls Judy for assistance. Judy consults with Montana veterinarian and our highly skilled pig veterinarian.

Senior pig Posh drips blood from her vulva and is rushed to Veterinarian for rapid growing cancerous tumor removal. Recovery is slow.

Transportation is worked out to get piglet from roadside zoo in Canada. Piglet is found shivering in 20°F / -7°C temperature with no bed, no water and frozen bread as the only food. This complicated rescue required 9 border crossings by a very determined pig loving rescuer Donna. Piglet 'Ziggy' arrives to green grass and much love at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. She snuggles in deep fresh hay with pig friends.

A very wet winter requires ten loads of cedar chips to help with mud management. Judy is interviewed for local magazine article. Potbellied senior pig Jenny to Veterinarian for dental exam.

February 2011

Senior potbellied pigs Lucy and Hillary to the Vet for dental work. Animal Control officer calls asking for help with animal hoarding case of ten large pigs in need of relocation. Our all vegan store, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, in Seattle hosts a Valentine benefit bake sale for the pigs. We love our bakers and buyers who love the pigs.

Montana rescue pigs Bert and Earnie to Vet for tusk and hoof trimming. Montana pig Betty Lou to Vet for high risk surgery for removal of a large uterine tumor removal. Recovery is intense. She is extremely timid and must have intensive care for weeks. Senior potbellied pig Pearl is put in with Betty Lou as a friend to provide support during the entire ordeal.

TV station calls for feature show about Pigs Peace Sanctuary. We receive a call requesting to borrow a pig for a joke on a man's wife, we say no.

The month is cold and wet. Judy assists with consult calls regarding the rescue and care of a piglet in dire condition in Africa. The piglet survives and thrives thanks to someone caring. Judy consults with feral piglet in Hawaii. He thrives with loving care.

January 2011

Month starts with call from Animal Control three counties away. We accept young potbellied piglet from them. In one week we place him in a wonderful new home with a couple who had pig friends for years until they died as seniors. These people know the 20-year commitment that a piglet truly is.

Potbellied pig Posh to the Vet for abscess care. Potbellied pig Bradley to Vet for tusk trim.

We take advantage of a deep freeze with tractor work to turn the compost pile and have loads of gravel delivered. Typically the ground is too soft from October to May for tractor work. Our compost pile must be turned frequently.

Our dear pig friend Chester dies. We are all saddened.

We are contacted by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries to take seven potbellied pigs from a Montana animal sanctuary that is being shut down. All animals need to be relocated. Seven old, fat and unsocial potbellied pigs are difficult to place. We say yes and make arrangements to transport the pigs in the winter through three mountain passes. All are shy and timid, but happy to be here with green grass! One pig has limited mobility and cannot walk. Sadly she died six days after arrival in a warm bed of hay with her friends. All pigs are scheduled for veterinary care.

Sanctuary fire extinguishers serviced and certified. Our many fruit trees are pruned. Calls continue to take in pigs. We are limited in how much we can help. It is sad and frustrating. Call comes from Sanctuary in Montana with an injured pig. Farrier here for equine hoof trims. Seattle Metropolitan magazine interviews Judy for mention of Pigs Peace Sanctuary in magazine.

Our old pig friend Charlotte died. She has been with us since 1994. She is missed.


Volunteers moving gravel


21 year old Houdini

Judy and Ben

Judy and Ben the dog
both covered in mud

Photo of big pig Judee in the tall grass

Big pig Judee in the tall grass
before it was mowed

Cement platform repair

Concrete platform emergency repair

Photo of Joey and Merlin

Merlin comforts ailing Joey.

Photo of Olivia

Olivia arrives covered in mange

Photo of Clementine

Clementine in the meadow

Photo of Tony's injured leg

Tony recovers

Photo of Montana pigs with Judy

The Montana Seven

Photo of Ziggy

Ziggy rescued from zoo

Photo of pigs on the cedar chips

Piles of cedar chips
waiting to be spread

Photo of Betty Lou

Betty Lou post surgery

Photo of Posh

Senior pig Posh returns to the grass


Lucy enjoying the sunshine

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