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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2018
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Winter 2018

Shavings trucked in for muddy walkways. Truckload after truckload of hay to pigs every 2 weeks as they enjoy the cold months by staying in bed eating their beds!!

Many weeks to months are busy with electrical upgrading of the sanctuary with trenches dug to bury lines. Gravel needed to cover trenches. Permits needed, inspection after inspection, new power pole purchased, trailered here and put in by us. Transformer and new meters installed. All overhead lines cut and removed.

Senior dog Jenny's cancer advances with minimal response to pain meds for relief. She starts on new med for her nerve sheath tumor. She has had 3 successful surgeries and a 4th surgery is not an option due to the aggressive growth. We will take each day as a gift of time together. She is a loyal friend.

Sheriff calls regarding pig in neglectful living conditions. We are told he is neutered and he is not! A 5-year-old mini pigs intact boar does not have visible testicles. He is too big to castrate at the vet clinic so surgery is scheduled here and very safely done. Pig George must have a full 8 weeks of no pig contact after surgery. We have him with full visibility of pigs all around him to see. He is anxious to meet them.

Eco Boutique in Seattle Drizzle & Shine features Pigs Peace Sanctuary as non-profit of the month to benefit from sales.

Judy Woods to store to give gratitude and meet customers. Snow days make winter work tougher. Dog Cooper to vet for suture of chest wound. Many senior pigs to vet for updated dental & health needs.

Spring 2018

We continue replenishing hay beds by the truckload. Several truckloads of shavings down for extra wet months.

Many calls with requests to take in pigs. We accept 6-year-old Daisy May who has never seen another pig since orphaned as a piglet. She comes to us very demanding. She takes weeks to calm. From her 1st day here she is next to pigs. As a 6-year-old un-spayed pig her spay surgery was 4 hours long under anesthesia WITH NO PROBLEMS. She was awake 1 hour after surgery and ready to go home to recover. Surgery was long and complicated due to many uterine abnormalities. A biopsy was sent.

Electrical and plumbing updates continue.

Pig George to sounder for first time. He quickly greets all pigs as he meets them and then off to explore the field he's been looking at since he got here. He adjusts to new life with others within 24 hours - very fast!

Call comes with plea for help from a woman who said her dad called from jail. He has pigs that haven't been fed for 2 days and needs help. We take 500 lbs. of pig food and welcome 10 wee piglets here. 5 boy piglets to vet for neuters.

Cedar boards delivered to upgrade our garden beds. Our very old beds rotted out years ago. Raised beds saves on summer water. Once beds are built it takes days to fill in our composted soi. We must plan the work around the rain due to much mud to haul in.

Visiting availability on website visit page. Many dates fill full fast.

Sanctuary's cargo van has broken serpentine belt when Judy is driving back from mill with one ton of pig food! Losing power with no control while driving is terrifying!

Daisy May in the hay

Daisy May

The piglets standing around and in a food bowl with oatmeal

The piglets eating oatmeal.

Raised garden beds

Garden beds redone

Tow truck loading up the van.

Van being towed again

Surgery in make-shift operating room at the sanctuary.

Surgery at the sanctuary

Trench with electrical cable

Electrical cabled laid.

Wall torn open exposing plumbing and electrical

Electrical & plumbing redone.

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