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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2005
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January 2005

Call from London regarding information on Word (the dog who lived in freedom at Pigs Peace Sanctuary) for the 2006 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest dog incarceration while at Seattle Animal Control. Feral cat Tommy died. Work party. Numerous calls regarding pigs in California. Elementary & middle schools to visit. Conservation district here. Cold days, water frozen.

February 2005

To California to assess a pig situation. I am horrified and commit to taking a large group. Met Ingrid Newkirk of PETA. Alice the Chicken died. New gutters on barns. Pig Tammy died. Starbucks work party helped spread four truckloads of cedar chips. Sadie the dog to vet for extensive medical care. Boots the cat died. Animal Fair magazine to do article on sanctuary. Large 100-year-old trees pruned.

March 2005

Pig Viva arrives. Very shy of people and in quarantine from surgery. Chef Francis Janes cooking class in Seattle to benefit sanctuary. Western School group to visit. Winter mud everywhere. Work party to spread many loads of cedar chips. Call regarding Barbados Blackbelly sheep. Call regarding Wilbur the pig. Wilbur added to waiting list. Vet comes to sanctuary to treat pigs too big to travel to clinic, including Ben the pig for oral surgery. Ben needs quarantine for soft food diet, 2 weeks. Holly pig to vet, hole in her mouth / soft palette. Trapper the cat to vet, end-stage liver failure.

April 2005

Eight pigs to vet, tusks trimmed. Lake Stevens service project for sanctuary. Home school group visits. Mark Ring starts production of the Pigs Peace Sanctuary documentary. Holly the pig died. Western High School group here. Judy gives presentation about the sanctuary to university group. Harvey the pig arrives. Newsletter to printer. Topsoil delivered. Sanctuary on KING TV, NW Afternoon. Many follow up calls from show. Senior Center group visits. Update on transportation of California pigs' required health certification. To Bainbridge Island to check out possible rescue home for 12 of the California pigs. Chester the pig has leg infection; isolating in the woods far from the barn. Joey Dickens the pig (Chester's best friend) stays with him. Many daily injections of meds. Food and soy milk to Chester 3 times each day.

May 2005

Pigs dumped on highway 2 near Startup. Animal Control won't help. said the pigs are too wild. We rescued the female. She gave birth one week later. Baby died at one week. High school group here. Mark Ring interviews for the documentary. Piglet (Tatertot) rescued in Cascade mountains and requires many trips to the vet. Work party to spread gravel, plant remainder of garden. Twenty-five Navy men from the USS Abraham Lincoln volunteered. The Farm Sanctuary in NY calls regarding the California pigs' transportation. Pigs Peace day at Sidecar on the Ave in Seattle, where Mooshu the pig was happy to greet people. Put up seven new housing huts for California pigs. Big pig Joey Dickens claims one as his own.

June 2005

Had two work parties that prepared fencing and housing for California pigs. Ponds dug, fences up, trees planted. Pigs Peace appears on Animal Planet. Barbados Blackbelly sheep arrive and go to vet with injured lamb. Put up 300 ft tall, new fences as wild sheep can leap high. Twelve trees planted. Photographer films the arrival of the 86 pigs from California for the documentary. KOMO News, KMPS Radio and Q13 TV interview Judy regarding the California pigs (video viewable here). One pig arrives injured and immediately taken to vet. Volunteers run for the pigs in the Whatcom Volunteer Center Human Race benefit for non-profit organizations. Judy gives presentation about alternative careers for women to Youth group highlighting her sanctuary work.

July 2005

AmeriCorps group here. More of the documentary is filmed. Pigs safely secured for one week while their 17 acre pasture is mowed. Work party. California pigs to vet for ear tag removal. Seattle Mental Health group came to visit for a day with the pigs. Pigs Peace Benefit in Seattle at Black Box gallery. Wilbur the pig arrives. Nine pigs from the Special Needs group graduate to the large herd. Artists arrive at sanctuary. They camp out in the woods and spend the days painting artwork inspired by their love for the animals. Hot days require daily fresh water to all ponds.

August 2005

Artists continue to add beauty and color to the sanctuary. Daryl the pig requires major abdominal surgery. Work party spreads ten truckloads of cedar bark for the horses. Ten pigs to the vet every week, most of them were the California pigs. Youth Family Services group visits. Middle school volunteer work day. Curly the pig, who was previously with an animal talent agency arrives to join the herd. Wilbur the pig moves out of quarantine to join the herd too. Albert the pig rescued. Mooshu the pig died and is buried next to her friend Mitzi the pig. Senior group to visit. Second Annual benefit dinner and silent auction for the sanctuary. Mental Health group visits the pigs. We pick up 100 boxes of donated green bananas (4,000 lbs.). As the bananas ripen the pigs receive 40 to 80 lbs of bananas each day. The pigs tell us this is now heaven.

September 2005

Eighteen more pigs to the vet. Artists finish the wall mural. More of the documentary is filmed. Chester, one of the large pigs, sick in the barn and unable to get up. Work party fenced off area for the concrete work and spreads two truckloads of gravel. Forms built and concrete poured. Construction started on two cabins built in the woods for volunteers and visitors. Eleven pigs from California driven to new home in Woodland, Washington. Pigs Peace receives offer to buy Sidecar vegan store. Last of the ear tags out. Elvis the pig died. Four more cedar chip loads spread as we begin to prepare for winter. Pigs eat bananas almost every day! Donations plummet after Katrina hits. Judy worries about the coming winter months.

October 2005

Lavern the chicken, (the pigs' friend) died. Decking on the cabin is finished. Two attorney meetings to discuss the Sidecar purchase. Work party spreads cedar chips and paints cabins. More pigs to the vet. Tractor rented for a weekend of work. Patty the pig arrives. Gus the llama died. Packer the llama is grieving for him. Skagit Animal Control investigates farm abuse case and calls requesting help with the pigs involved. We rescue the pigs and a goat. Judy makes calls out to rescue groups to help with the other animals in this abuse case. Pigs Peace joins the South Sound Animal Rights march in Tacoma. Petting zoo calls sanctuary regarding cow needing placement. Chester the pig remains non-ambulatory. Judy continues with prescribed medical care.

November 2005

More attorney and accountant meetings regarding the store purchase. Vet comes out for Ginger the horse whose leg is injured. Cabins get insulated. Sanctuary receives calls regarding abandoned Barbados sheep in field in Monroe. Judy is distraught over Chester's deteriorating health. We find Matilda the goat a new home with other goats. We receive calls to rescue roosters, pigs, llamas and horses. Pilgrim the horse suffered colic (a full twist of the large intestine) and required major surgery and hospitalization. Judy worries how this life saving vet bill will be paid.. Donations are down. Sidecar papers signed. Washington's 100% all vegan store is now Sidecar For Pigs Peace. Water freezes. First snow of the season arrives.

December 2005

Chester the pig recovers and is up walking. Pilgrim comes home and will be in recovery for three months. Judy goes to the Kitsap Peninsula and rescues two young farm pigs, Bailey and Clara, who had been found homeless and starving. Bailey is a young piglet requiring urgent medical care as he appears blind with a possible brain injury. The newsletter is finally finished! Patty the Pig discovered the 200 lb. pumpkin in the garden and ate it all bite by bite in 1 week. On Christmas Eve Ben the dog found and ate the family's large Unturkey that was thawing on the kitchen counter.

Word the dog




Photography by Jodi Winter

Chester & Fern

California girls

93 pigs from California

Artist Tent City with Jamie Kirk and Tawnie Anslow

Artist Tent City with Jamie Kirk and Tawnie Anslow

Sidecar For Pigs Peace

Sidecar For Pigs Peace



Judy tends to Ginger's leg

Judy tends to Ginger's leg

Clara explores her new home

Clara explores the sanctuary

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