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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2009
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January 2009

Snow storm and freezing weather continue - when it thaws we have so much to clean up.

Insurance inspection. Calls come asking us to take 3 pigs. If we don't take them the butcher will! People can be so heartless!

Senior Center and schools call to schedule visiting for the year. Again and again we must limit visiting without an education center.

Economy continues to slump. Judy worries every single day about the financial needs of Pigs Peace Sanctuary and our survival.

Our overworked pickup truck breaks down while at the dump. An unexpected, yet necessary expense... UGH.

Call comes from a woman whose pig is dying. She needs comfort and support. We understand.

February 2009

We send pig care information to Kitsap Humane Society to educate about the needs of a pig while in their care. Many expert animal rescuers know very little about pigs.

Senior citizen pig Otis died. He was with his friends living close to the house for frequent observation and was happy until his passing. We will miss his friendship.

Three calls come in regarding someone's piglet running loose. We immediately respond to help. Information from the owner is that he "likes to be free", which is great except for the traffic and road safety issues nearby. We contact authorities and the situation is resolved.

Six dump truck loads of cedar chips delivered to the sanctuary. We must move fencing to make space. Now we can keep ahead of the spring mud. Pigs do not like to walk in mud. We have always used thick, deep layers (8 - 12") of cedar chips on all outdoor walkways that the pigs use daily.

Judy Woods attends the Animal Law Conference at the University of Washington for a day. It was informative with great speakers and presentations, and also sad in how much we all must continue working for the animals.

March 2009

Month starts with volunteer work group here to scoop then spread cedar chips in the pigs' frequented walkways outside. Board meeting discusses year in review of the pigs' vegan store, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, and the sanctuary's need for more support.

Snow falls.

Call comes in for us to take 7 month old piglet. The woman who called is the 3rd home for this piglet. She got him because he was cute. She had done no research before bringing home this piglet and had no idea how much work a pig could be. She's had him 2 weeks. We got the piglet safe into a lifetime home with other pigs. He is now loved and understood.

Farrier here for routine equine care. We help homeless man whose dog needs veterinary care. Both are well and happy. Call came regarding pig left abandoned after a domestic violence dispute. We assure the pig is safe and secure.

Thank you to Jennifer! - a 14-year-old girl who asked to celebrate her birthday for the pigs. Instead of presents, donations were given to Pigs Peace Sanctuary -we thank her for $123.50!

Thank you to HBO for featuring a 2 hour documentary on the abuses inside a pig factory farm. More can know the horrors most pigs live before death.

We move handicapped large pig Chester from the makeshift straw bale home we made for him this winter to an open, covered area that he used to love to sleep in. His many pig friends join him in the new cozy bed. Chester has not walked in six months. He has a compressed spinal cord. He has no pain, just a body that doesn't work. He is happy, has friends and makes the most of his life, living each day.

April 2009

The month starts with Judy Woods to Seattle to hear lecture by Jeffrey Masson, author of "The Face On Your Plate". Jeffrey is on tour from New Zealand and is happy to know of and promote our work at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

The first weekend starts with the first Pigs Peace Sanctuary Meet Up volunteer day. A lot is accomplished. The tear down of Chester's old house took many hands. Thank you pig friends.

We received a call from Olympia, Washington Humane Society who determined that a pig that they picked up who was running loose was dangerous and must be destroyed. We called Pigs Peace Sanctuary friend Charlie Haney to visit the pig and observe. She saves him from death by bringing him to Pigs Peace Sanctuary to live. He is named Kado and is a 4-month-old un-neutered male who appears to never have been properly socialized. He is pushy and demanding. The first step is to stop his hormonal out of control behavior and he is neutered. He must be quarantined for six weeks.

Six trees planted in pigs' pasture with fencing up around each tree so the sheep and llama are not tempted. These trees will give much needed summertime shade.

Swine Flu hits the media and spreads quickly in humans across the continents. We begin Pigs Peace Sanctuary quarantine. All are safe and healthy here and we want them to stay that way. We must close our doors to all volunteers and visitors. We hope the flu soon ends.

KIRO TV arrives to interview Judy Woods for the evening news regarding the Swine Flu.

May 2009

Quarantine continues and scheduled work groups had to be cancelled. Judy Woods accepts "The Act of Kindness Award" given to Pigs Peace Sanctuary at the Whatcom County's 7th Annual Woof & Whisker Awards.

We assist 2 goats in need of a new home and visit new Moon Goat Rescue in Arlington Washington.

Sadly George the pig died peacefully in her (George is a girl) sleep surrounded by friends. She was a sweet senior pig who lived here most of her life. We will miss her gentle nature.

Major automotive repair work done on our greatly used van. Ouch! We haul ton after ton of pig food in this van and need it to last.

Oregon Humane Society called regarding placement of 2 potbellied pigs and their duck friend.

Eighteen piglets born to a pig farmer's pig with only 13 nipples to feed. We take the two runt piglets at 2 days of age!! Piglets are named Tony and Daisy and living in the house with a warm heating pad, being bottle fed every one to two hours around the clock. They are adorable and will grow to have complete lives!

Young Kado piglet out of quarantine and is adjusting to life in the big herd with many new pig friends.

Farrier for routine horse care. Boehms Candies in Issaquah donates licorice to the pigs. A rare treat indeed. The pigs' routine diet is a healthy whole grain mix with lots of dark green veggies. They love treats as a surprise!

Piglet Tony to the vet for castration at 2 weeks of age.

Pig Harry moved from TLC area and put in medical living quarters for daily skin treatments and nutritional support.

June 2009

Andy Werth and his band did a benefit concert for Pigs Peace Sanctuary in West Seattle at Easy Street Records. The music was amazing. The place was packed and the animals benefited. Yeah! Max the dog was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament, ouch.

Yearly vaccinations given. Piglets Tony & Daisy spending more time out of the house and with other pigs. NARN friends did a benefit potluck picnic for the sanctuary at Cowen Park in Seattle and raised $60! Thank you pig friends!

Two day Vegan Bake Sale was a great success at Sidecar for Pigs Peace. Thanks to Bethany who organized the generous bakers -all who came had the problem of too much to choose from!! It was a pig out for the pigs!

Routine tusk trims completed on male pigs. Tusks grow continuously like our fingernails and must be trimmed yearly.

Piglet Daisy spayed at 6 weeks of age. Potbellied pig Stanley to vet for dental work.

Our visiting quarantine continues. Judy calls CDC and the head state veterinarian to discuss Swine Flu and our visiting situation. Both recommend that the quarantine continue. The pigs are healthy. A visitor can have no symptoms yet still be a carrier of the flu and infect the pigs. If one pig gets the Swine Flu, they will all get it.

Pig Harry continues with daily skin treatments.

A hot, dry June means lots of daily ponds to fill.

July 2009

July continues a dry, hot summer. Our days are spent filing all ponds daily with fresh, cool water.

The pigs start the hot days early, out around 4 - 5am and then may sleep through the heat of the afternoon. Then up in the evening enjoying summer's beauty.

Geriatric pig Charlie to vet for dental exam. Routine hoof trims done on many pigs.

Benefit 'Walk for Animals' at Greenlake in Seattle event planning continues.

Pig Reggie died and geriatric, frail pig Pumba died. Both greatly missed.

Small potbellied pig Harry died after a long illness. Harry was rescued 11 years ago with 9 other pigs. All were left abandoned and starving to death when the owner was evicted. All came to a new life at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. We will miss Harry.

More calls this summer than all 15 years of the sanctuary's history of calls requesting that we take in 'farm pigs' they want to save from slaughter when they are sold at county fairs. We know of this on-going sadness. It is always heart touching to know others care deeply. I wish we could help all pigs in need.

Numerous calls this month from people who must re-home their potbellied pig. Some people love the pig and feel desperate to find a home. Others just want to get 'rid of it' like last year's fashion. Pigs need lifetime, committed homes. We help who we can, but we cannot help all, and I worry for the ones we must say no to.

Invitations mailed for annual vegan BBQ dinner for Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

VegNews magazine requests animal stories to feature in upcoming issue.

Pigs moved from large group to quarantine pens prior to scheduled vet appointments.

August 2009

Month starts with our 5th annual vegan BBQ Benefit Dinner held in Seattle at the home of Carol & Francis Janes. With limited seating, the event was sold out, and was a wonderful success, greatly helping the sanctuary during these difficult financial times. Pigs kisses to all who helped!!!

Wild pig Spunky to vet for tusk trim. Five year old PIckles to vet because of weight loss. An abdominal mass is discovered. She continues in observation. Pig Albert has 5 teeth removed and tooth abscess drained. He recovers fast.

Pig Ben to vet because of weight loss. Neurological disorder diagnosed.

Pig Barley to vet for exam following illness. Sadly, Barley died and will be missed.

Pig Scarlet has major surgery to removed uterine cyst / tumor. She recovers in the house with Judy Woods under close observation and nursing care.

Pig Pequad to vet for dental exam - mast cell tumor diagnosed. He is in assessment care pen on daily medication.

Veterinary student from Scotland to Pigs Peace Sanctuary for one week to observe pig behavior and care.

Calls come to take pigs, roosters, donkeys, ducks and goats. We help with networking.

Wild pig Cooter to vet for tusk trim. Geriatric pig Abigale to vet for dental care. Six teeth removed! The next day senior pig Posh to vet for hoof trim and dental exam with six teeth removed.

Pig Chelsea to vet due to continued weight loss. A uterine tumor was discovered and surgery scheduled. Without surgery she will die from this killing cancer.

As our large potbellied pig population ages we have been surprised to learn of the prevalence of dental issues and gum disease. Many of the teeth pulled in dental exams at the vet are "ready" to fall out. This is NOT isolated to our potbellied pigs or based on their diet here. Out pig vet is seeing this widespread with many older potbellied pigs.

Our Greenlake Walk for Animals was a grand success.

Seattle food bank calls us with an abundance of carrots to donate. We are given 900 lbs. The pigs are in carrot heaven.

Month ends with pig Chelsea to vet for surgery to remove uterine tumor. Her tumor has doubled to the size of a basketball! The cancer has spread to internal organs and she does not survive. She is greatly missed.

September 2009

Pigs Emily, Gingersnap and Homer to vet for dental exams. Teeth removed and these three will be moved to the geriatric group.

Calls come from people who no longer want their pigs. Calls come from people who want to adopt a pig -but "only want a piglet." This is very frustrating. Piglets are adorable but the commitment to a pig lasts a lifetime.

Apples donated from local orchards. The pigs are in apple heaven and love it.

Judy visits and meets owners Mike & Kate of Totem Winery for future sanctuary fundraising event in Woodinville.

Board meeting evaluates sanctuary budget needs and ways to fundraise for help. All ideas are welcome.

Whimsy Home Decor on Capitol Hill in Seattle features artist Jules Anslow with portion of sales going to Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Thanks friends!

Darryl the pig died unexpectedly. He was a geriatric fellow in the TLC group who had many friends and will be missed. Three days later pig Nina suffers a stroke and dies.

Lump found on Molly the pig unlike anything we've ever seen. Molly to vet and it is a large mammary tumor which is completely removed. Molly recovers in intensive care at the sanctuary.

Pig Punkin moved to TLC group.

Pigs Betty and Wilma moved from large heard to quarantine prior to routine exam.

Pigs OJ and Mr. Belvedere, both gentle fellows, die one day apart from one another due to senior pig complications. Both will be greatly missed.

Seventeen loads of cedar chips delivered and spread on walkways for winter mud management in the Pacific Northwest.

October 2009

This month continues with scheduled veterinary appointments -pigs Sammy and Homer both for dental exams with both needing two teeth removed. We find excellent quality local certified organic hay. We make many trips to fill up the hay room and give all sleeping areas fresh hay beds.

Wildlife rescue calls us requesting help with an imprinted Canadian Goose that is too tame to release. Pigs Wilbur and Harley both die on the same day from geriatric complications. Wilbur was our first pig rescued and leaves a hole in our hearts.

We continue with four pigs to the vet each week for needed routine yearly checkups and care. This adds to the workload as we remain in quarantine and can have no additional volunteers.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary's all vegan store in Seattle, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, holds a vegan bake sale to benefit the sanctuary -- $780 for the pigs. Thank you bakers and helpers!

Totem Cellars, all-vegan animal-loving winery in Woodinville, has a wine tasting to benefit the sanctuary.

Month ends with potbellied pig Bubba to vet for simple tusk trim and geriatric care. A large mass on his neck is aspirated and the next day the swelling is so severe Bubba is rushed for emergency surgery.

November 2009

November 1st is World Vegan Day! We celebrate that as a dream for all animals.

Calls to us for chickens in need. Calls come about kittens and cats needing care. We help with referrals. The Farm Manager of local rescue group new to job and needs help with pig care. We are happy to share knowledge to help pigs. Pigs Peace Board meeting held in Seattle.

Our pig vet, Dan Kennedy, to sanctuary for herd assessment and care. Also to do tusk trims on large 800 lb. male. Farm pigs need yearly trims. All trims done without pain and with the pigs co-operating including giant boy Bailey who is 100% blind. We have great pigs and a great vet!

Our 22½ year old cat Emily dies peacefully. She will be greatly missed! Totem Cellars winery hosts wine and vegan food tasting at the winery in Woodinville to benefit sanctuary. A wonderful enjoyable event! Thanks to Kate & Mike.

Pig Bubba emergency vet visit for thyroid cyst and then 5 days later he requires extensive thyroid cyst removal surgery. With 30+ years of veterinary practice and thousands of pig clients, this is the first time a thyroid cyst is seen in a pig! Bubba recovers with intensive nursing care in Judy's house.

Pigs much-worked van to mechanic for needed work. Snohomish animal control asks for our help with pigs. Month ends with Judy Woods, Pigs Peace Sanctuary director, required to serve Jury Duty for 3 weeks!!

December 2009

Potbellied pig Bubba continues with intensive nursing care recovering from Thyroid Cyst removal surgery. He has good days and not so good days . He is healing.

Calls came in for assistance to help with relocation of cats, many unaltered. We always help.

Holiday cards mailed. Pigs Peace Sanctuary's All Vegan Store in Seattle, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, has a holiday vegan bake sale to benefit the sanctuary. Wahoo!

We receive an urgent call. A three week old piglet was bought on impulse off of Craigslist for $100. The man had her 24 hours and no longer wanted her. He wanted to resell her on Craigslist. She was given to family members who had her four days and could not keep her. They found Pigs Peace website and we said yes to this tiny orphan. Three week old Ella was brought to the sanctuary and starts her life in the house with Bubba the pig.

Piglets are unable to regulate their body temperature and must have a warm environment. They are fed goat milk as a mother's milk replacement every 2 hours around the clock. At about five weeks of age they will be interested in bites of solid foods.

Pigs dining on the shoveled feeding platform.

Pigs dining on the shoveled feeding platform.






Kado moves in with the main herd


George with Slasher the kitty

Tony and Daisy.

Tony & Daisy bottle fed every two hours.

Tusk trims

Tusk ready for trimming

Francis Janes

Chef & host Francis Janes speaking

A big smile from Pumba

Smiling Pumba, June 2009



Walk for Animals 2009

Walk for Animals

A big smile from Gingersnap


A big smile from Gingersnap

Bubba post surgery

Merlin shows his tusks

Merlin smiles. Trimming tusks is part of their ongoing care.



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