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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2006
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January 2006

Sanctuary featured on Q13 Movie of the Week. Baily, the young blind Duroc pig, goes to the vet for emergency surgery resulting in eye removal. Baily lives in house while recovering. Director Mark Ring continues filming and conducts final interview of Judy for sanctuary documentary. Dr. Gary Holz presents workshop in the education center re: body & mind health connection. Numerous calls re: Molly the cow in Montana, who escaped slaughter. We are first to respond to take Molly and 1st on list. Numerous calls to take pigs including one found in meth lab.

February 2006

Pig Ben to vet for oral surgery. UW CARE work party. Nestor the pig died. Chester 'up' after 2 months of being completely down. Somadi Yoga in Seattle host benefit concert for the sanctuary. Mark Ring, producer, continues to film for sanctuary documentary. NARN work party with good turnout. Spread 4 loads of cedar chips. Large Yorkshire pig Curly required emergency laceration repair -VERY DIFFICULT recovery. Judy does Friend of Library presentation. Arrabelle the pig died. Education center freshly re-painted. Edith the pig found scared and limping on back roads on Camano Island -veterinary exam reveals osteomyelitis in her foot. Start ticket sales for sanctuary benefit dinner.

March 2006

Fire destroys our Education Center! Damage to electrical shuts down our well & pump. Electrician Joe Wheeler (Northsound Electric) comes immediately to help us. All school groups must be cancelled. Dumpster here for cleanup. Tabling for sanctuary and SidecarFPP at VegFest in Seattle. Sophia the piglet here, rescued after swimming across a lake! Hens rescued & brought to sanctuary. Lived on wire. Nails grown long and distorted. Judy to Oregon to visit pigs at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. Cafe Flora auction & benefit dinner for sanctuary -sold out. Howard Lyman guest.

April 2006

Black Charlette the pig rescued from abuse case through Animal Control. To vet for urgent care. New quarantine barn built. Rescued duck here. Garden beds prepared for vegetable garden. Young 'model' pig Sophia to SidecarFPP for photography session. Black Charlette died -cancer tumor. Buster the pig to vet -difficulty breathing -biopsy negative. Work party spreads cedar chips -3 loads. Wedding at the sanctuary!

May 2006

Fire damaged Education Center torn down. Pigs 'wild' with noise of demolition. Buster the pig to vet for treatment response to medical care. Numerous calls from Alaska re: difficult pig and medication overdose. Al Hunting -long time sanctuary friend died. -memorial service, tree planted in his honor. Judy & author Florence Petheram greet people with book about Word at Sidecar for Pigs Peace. Volunteer Sue from Montana for a week to help sanctuary -vegetable garden planted.

June 2006

Our quietest month of the year. Buster the pig died -squamous cell carcinoma in face. Called re: 13 pigs still in Wildamar CA. We will take them, transport work started. Calls re: geese needing home. Numerous calls re: pigs needing help. Peter the dog to vet. Fencing moved and expanded.

July 2006

Lindsey Parkison to sanctuary with wish-list bounty after fundraising for pigs. Pigs locked up for 2 days while field is moved. UW CARE work party at sanctuary. Newsletter finished and mailed. 13 new pigs from abuse case in CA arrive. Carmalita the pig found running on highway for 5 days -she is very aggressive. Piglet Billy found running in Everett, WA. County informs us we need architect & engineer for Ed. Center rebuild. Judy meets Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig. Sanctuary annual benefit dinner at home of Carol & Francis Janes. Pump fails, no water in heat of summer!! Work party cancelled due to no water.

August 2006

Judy & Billy the piglet to represent sanctuary at Woofstock in Tacoma at Cheney Stadium. Judy drives to California to Animal Place and Farm Sanctuary. Dr. Kennedy to sanctuary for annual health check -large pig tusk trims. Judy meets with architect Galen Page for Ed. Center plans. Hen & day old chicks rescued from City Park to sanctuary. Two days later another hen with 9 chicks rescued. Fundraiser Walk for Pigs around Greenlake organized by Shay Kelly. Billy the piglet to Greenlake to greet walkers & represent pigs at the sanctuary.

September 2006

Paul & Allison Watson of Sea Shepard Conservatory to sanctuary with just weeks old sickly piglet who requires intensive care in the house with nurse Judy. Numerous calls of pigs needing homes.

Wildlife photographer Jim Robertson & wife Carla to sanctuary to photograph animals. Six pigs to vet. SeaWorld of San Diego called re: 2 Yokshire females, we start calls for transportation arrangements. Nathan, Judy's son, invited to join Sea Shepard Conservatory by ship's captain Paul Watson.

October 2006

Pigs locked up while work party lays 6 loads of gravel and 7 loads of cedar chips. A HUGE project as we make a bridge for the pigs' walkway into the field. Farrier for hoof trims. Final arrangements made for California large pigs. Judy to SeaWorld in San Diego to assess and meet Yorkshire pigs, Isabelle and Ramona. They have been living in a 12 x 12 cinder block room. We are anxious to get them to the sanctuary.

Twenty students from university volunteer, yeah! Emails come from pig farmer re: his breeding pair that he doesn't want to kill'. Huge amount of work to make housing and fencing for intact large boar to come!!!

November 2006

Washington state's wettest month on record EVER -boy do we know it! First Sat. of month Isabelle & Ramona here from San Diego SeaWorld. Into grass and dirt for the first time in their lives. They are happy!

The very next day Ethel arrives from pig farmer here. She is joyful to be here. She is put with Isabelle & Ramona and is an instant friend. The very next day Fred, the boar, is transported here in a horse trailer. To the vet for his high risk surgery the next day. Fred in intensive care for several days then moved near Ethel. Both are happy!! Soon Fred to live with Isabelle, Ramona & Ethel. He is happy! Four large pigs coming to the sancctuary in 3 days to the sanctuary is a huge adjustment to all!

Invites made and mailed for sanctuary documentary preview in Dec. Insurance audit of sanctuary. Work party with Western Washington University CARE group and NARN. Peter the cat, everyone's friend, died the day before Thanksgiving. Patty the pig died day after Thanksgiving. Judy grieves for her friends.

Snow storm hits -sanctuary has 12" of snow. No power, no water, no phone lines for FIVE days. Judy is alone and melts snow for the pigs to drink. A HORRIBLE exhausting hardship.

December 2006

Healthy, active, happy Fred unexpectedly died from an aneurysm. Ethel is with him the entire time. It is all so sad.

Rescued pony Annie with broken leg, eye poked out and ripped ear, dies quickly after a battle with cancer. We will miss her sweet nature.

Thanks to the car door Judy is injured with a smashed and ripped off thumbnail, and open fracture of the bone. Emergency treatment required.

Tiny Henry the piglet here after living one week in an apartment at Christmastime. What are people thinking?

Pigs's Peace Sanctuary documentary showing in Seattle. Director Mark Ring is there to greet all. Howard Lyman special guest. Sidecar for Pigs Peace stays open late for after-the-show shopping.

Edith to vet for unusual condition -skin on face sloughed off! An auto-immune response to a toxin: ie spider bite? Ethel to vet for spay -she's too big. Procedure rescheduled to be done at sanctuary. We must make a medical clinic ASAP!

Barn finished for Geriatric & Special Needs pigs. Fence moved. Front fence removed by Nov. storm damage.

Baily (red) naps with Sophia (black)

Baily (red) naps with Sophia (black)


Sophia at Sidecar for Pigs Peace

Remains of the Education Center

Education Center after demolition

Billy roams the sanctuary

Billy loose and running free

Pigs from California arrive

13 from California. First time on grass.

Sidecar For Pigs Peace

Carmalita arrives at the sanctuary

Paul and Allison Watson

Judy Woods, Paul and Allison Watson

Ramona & Isabelle

Ramona & Isabelle arrive from SeaWorld

Fred and Ethel in the snow

Fred & Ethel explore in the snow

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