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The History of Pigs Peace Sanctuary 2008
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January 2008

The pneumonia spreads. Many pigs isolated and quarantined. Sick pigs moved to yard. Three tons of hay delivered. Farrier for equine hoof trims. Seven pigs die -our grief.

Four loads of cedar chips down for pigs. Calls come with offers of volunteers -we must refuse and close our doors to volunteers due to medical quarantine. We cannot risk additional cross-contamination. We receive calls to take peacocks. Many calls come to us about pigs needing homes. We have no recommendation. We receive several calls re: a bison in need. We investigate. Judy tumbles on the stairs and fractures bone in foot. Snow falls as the month ends.

February 2008

Our lease for vegan grocery store, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, exprires. We renew the lease for 3 years. The pneumonia continues… 2 pigs die -our grief multiplies.

Topsoil & gravel delivered and applied. Tractor work done. Seven trees planted for future summer shade for pigs. Garden beds weeded and cleared. Now ready for spring plantings. We add compost.

March 2008

Pneumonia continues -some incredibly sick pigs have had total recovery and are happily back with their friends! We rejoice with them and continue to nurse the sick ones. Packer the llama has complete recovery after 6 months of intensive care. He is joyful to be free in the pasture with his friends. Two years ago in March, our Education Center burned and we still have not rebuilt. Progress as we hope for can sometimes be frustrating. Farrier for equine. Ester the pony continues in quarantine and care for founder laminitis.

Trees planted for pigs. Judy Woods interviewed on radio station Go Vegan with Bob Linden. New medicine tried for antibiotic-resistent pneumonia. It is expensive. Too early to know how well it works. Month ends with Judy representing sanctuary at VegFest in Seattle

April 2008

Pneumonia continues. Every quarantine spot is filled! Peter the blind Pomeranian to vet for care. Animal loving vegetarian friends bought farm with 10 acres and a huge chicken house. They give all our chickens a new home. Author Francis Moore Lappe scheduled for book-signing at Sidecar for Pigs Peace. She doesn't show!

Judy to Seattle to see the Dali Llama. Pigs Oliver and Sophia move into the Big Herd. Oliver is quick to make new friends, Sophia is more selective. Surprise snow falls in the middle of the month. We had to cancel a work party.

May 2008

We open the gate between herds. Big pigs Willow, Isabelle, Ramona and Ethel meet new friends and explore everywhere!

Calls from Hawaii regarding feral pigs in danger. Animal Control in Wenatchee requests our help with pigs found in solid feces and mud living amongst dead pigs and goat body parts.

Farrier here for horses. Reporter interviews Judy for news article. Western Washington students here for work party.

Shirley the pig died after longest illness with pneumonia. We are called for help with ducks and peacocks.

June 2008

Betsy rescued and new to the sanctuary. She is Happy! Pigs Angel and Joy here. Joy to vet for spay then both transported to new home in Hood River Oregon. Calls from Canada requesting our expertise with pigs. Judy visits a pig factory farm. The trip haunts her heart.

It is a wet month. Our garden seems to drown. Emergency calls about cats needing homes. We make calls to help. Animal sanctuary farm manager calls us for pig help and advice.

The large 17 acre pasture is mowed. Newcomer feral cat released after adjusting in quarantine. Construction begins for additions to pig housing / sleeping barns.

July 2008

Work party scoops everywhere. Yech -Thanks!

Pig farmer offers us runt piglet with umbilical hernia. We welcome 2-weekk-old Emma Sue. She is to vet within days. Judy up all night bottle feeding piglet every 2 hours.

Reported very pregnant pig from Whatcom Animal Control. She is not pregnant, but an overfed youngster and to the vet for spay surgery after dieting a bit. Farrier for horses. Compost piles in the pasture are turned and piled. It is beautiful rich soil now.

Betsy joins Special Needs pigs and Seniors bunch.

August 2008

Month starts with a University of Washington group here for a work party. Much accomplished! Lumber delivered for construction of sleeping barn additions. Six feral kittens and 1 cat spayed and neutered, then to adjustment room in barn by the pigs. Piglet Emma Sue continues bottle feeding and living in house. NARN work party one weekend.

Pig Daniel died after long battle with illness. Farm Sanctuary calls requesting we take pigs from Midwest floods. Calls come to take pig with no snout!

Emma Sue spayed. She is the youngest farm-type pig spay for our vet. He has experience with thousands of pigs. Pig Daisy moved to observation for health.

Board meeting to discuss future fundraising ideas. We need help. No annual BBQ dinner this year. Calls come requesting we take pigs people no longer want. We help with placement of others who want a pig. Mabel the pig weakened by stroke. Pigs Peace Sanctuary featured in Seattle Times Sunday paper. We receive very few donations but over 100 calls to take pigs!

September 2008

Pig Daisy to vet and recovery from tooth abscess. Pig Mabel continues needing physical assistance due to weakness from stroke.

Our first visiting day was on Sept 7th, the sanctuary's 14th birthday. Pig Stanley died from heart failure. A happy day turned sad as we will miss him.

Judy visits Pig Sanctuary in Arizona. School group schedules visit for October. Mabel continues to weaken and dies. She lived here many years and will be missed.

Missy the pigs' urine dark red / dark brown. Lab results inconclusive. After 2 weeks Missy responds positively to medication with full recovery. Chester, a large farm pig, refusing to walk. We make adjustments for his comfort.

Farrier for horses and pony. New volunteers here for training. Painted new barn additions. Piglet Emma Sue growing fast and happily adjusting to living with others. Feral kittens live joyfully together, free in large barn. Barn additions completed. Pigs thrilled to try out new beds filled with fluffy fresh hay.

October 2008

We call for cedar chips every week and supply is depleted. We wait and wait. Sadly, cat Marley died. Fresh hay beds to all barns and sleeping areas.

Prosecution complete for Betsy's abuse case. We receive horrific pictures used in court. Both previous owners/abusers guilty as charged. We celebrate Betsy's new life with us by giving treats for all!

We receive calls to help with pigs needing homes, goat abuse, homeless guinea pig, duck injury, roosters needing homes, cats needing homes. We cannot help all.

Judy Woods visits turkey farm in Eastern Washington. We support all to have a turkey-free holiday. Benefit concerts for the sanctuary at Western State University -A good event!

We greet many on visiting days and pigs thrilled to have treats of apples and pumpkins. We are now closed to visitors for the colder months. Judy worries daily about need for increasing financial support as recession hits hard.

November 2008

An extremely wet month. We are saturated. Every day it isn't raining we are working to get cedar chips on all walkways. Over 100 yds spread this month. Truckload after truckload dumped then moved by cart and spread.

Many calls from across the US with pigs needing homes. New volunteers oriented and come to help. Thanksgiving week we are called regarding 4 turkeys on the run. All are now safe.

Thirty bales of hay for fresh hay beds. Prices are higher than ever! We worry about the winter months.

Amos the pig is quarantined - acute medical care given. Fencing project completed. Five pigs relocated from large group to senior group after 3 adjustment weeks in yard.

Amos the pig died. Ginger the horse died -we will miss them both. Six trees planted. Will be shade for summer. Fencing secured around trees.

December 2008

Rooster rescued from leg chained existence in the city. Now happy with hens. Calls come about potbellied piglets bought for pets - now it is weeks later and pig is more than they were prepared for. Call comes regarding sick pig - falling over. They want our help and advice and do not want to spend money on a vet!

Snow storm hits us hard. It lasts long and is deep. We must cancel board meeting and out of state visitors / volunteers. We are snowed in. Calls come asking for us to take someone's pig. It is too cold for them to care for it! We notify authorities re: goats who died from lack of care due to storm. Prosecution in progress. Milk company wants to donate semi-truck load of whole milk powder gone bad to us. We say no, of course. Our pigs are fed a high quality whole grain food. Their nutrition and health is important and monitored closely.

Call comes re: piglet living in an apartment and needs a new home. What were they thinking? Food Fight (all-vegan store in Portland OR) hosts a fundraiser for Pigs Peace Sanctuary. Thanks! We love you guys!

Call comes re: piglet living in a dog crate all day while owner goes to work. UGH! My heart aches for the pigs who have no help without Pigs Peace Sanctuary. We are so needed!

Judy spends Xmas day digging in the snow to find water line! We have no water due to a broken, frozen pipe! Not the way we wanted to spend our holiday. The storm continues and every day is a work day to keep the animals comfortable. It is an exhausting time. The pigs get lots of alfalfa hay to snack on as grazing is impossible. We only give this as a treat when snow is on the ground and we must haul water buckets.

Winston sick with pnuemonia

Winston sick with pnuemonia

Ester with Oscar the pig

Ester (full size pony) with Oscar the pig

Shirley in the pasture

Shirley in the pasture

Betsy explores

Betsy explores the sanctuary









In the snow


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